What to pack: Bring long-sleeved shirts or a light jacket for the evenings, and an umbrella or light rainwear for the occasional spring drizzle. Tung Chee Hwa retired as chief executive because of health problems. A heavy influence of Cantonese culture can also be seen here. Currency converter by yahoo: finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/. It is now a famous world class financial center. Bronze weapons, knives, arrowheads & tools. [15]It has been ranked as most unaffordable since 2010.[16]. 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In June 2020, on the first anniversary of mass protests in Hong Kong, a statement released by HRW said that the governments of both China and Hong Kong … At Hong Kong International Airport, currency exchange counters are open from early morning until late at night and many located within the city stay open into the evening. Every country has its own accent and HK is no exception. Language in Hong Kong: The Use of English. Hong Kong has a few media companies, notably Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), HK Television Entertainment (HKTVE), and Fantastic Television. A narrow strip of water that separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula is known as Victoria Harbour. It is a vibrant cultural and financial center of Chinese society. Thank you — when someone offers you a service (pouring tea): ng-goi (sounds like mmm-goy), Excuse me / please — asking for something: ng-goi (sounds like mmm-goy), Thank you — when accepting a gift from some one: doh-je (sounds like door-chair), Good morning — greeting in the morning: jou-sen (sounds like joe-san), Goodnight: jou-tau (sounds like joe-towe), How much: gei-do-chin (sounds like gay-do-chin), Yummy: hou-hou-sihk (sounds like ho-ho sick), Order please: shei-yei, ng-goi (sounds like say-yeah, mmm goy), Bill please: Maih-dan, ng-goi (sounds like my-dan, mmm goy). In 2007 we become Hong Kong permanent residents and we now own businesses and property in the city. The legal tender in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), which is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of about 7.80 HKD to 1 USD, although exchange rates may fluctuate slightly. Hong Kong English is the English language as it is used in Hong Kong. All rights reserved. Hong Kong's education system is mostly based off the English system. 12. Hong Kong has one of the world’s lowest birth rates—1.11 per woman at an age of being capable to give birth as of 2012. The 2021-22 Budget. You may manage your cookies settings at any time. The total area size is about 1,100 sq km. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, to understand your interests and provide personalized content to you as further set out in our Cookie Policy here. International credit cards such as American Express, VISA, Diners Club and MasterCard are also welcome at many hotels, retail shops and restaurants. Boundary Street and Stonecutter's Island were leased to Britain, The Peak Tram started operating on Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and the New Territories were leased to the British for 99 years, Hong Kong became a refuge for exiles from China, Western dress began to come in fashion for the locals, Father Daniel Finn began excavations on Lamma Island, Refugees fleeing the Chinese Communist Party came to Hong Kong, The British authorities surrendered Hong Kong to the Japanese Army, Britain reclaimed its territory after Japan's surrender, Double-decker buses were introduced to Hong Kong, The Shek Kip Mei Estate was built, establishing the program of public housing, A Han period tomb was discovered near Lei Cheng Uk, The Hong Kong dollar was tied to the US dollar, China and Britain signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Archaeologists discovered 20 graves on the island of Ma Wa, Citizens wanted a more democratic and republican system. Hong Kong is on the South China Sea coast at the mouth of the Pearl River. People from Hong Kong mainly speak Cantonese. The city is famous for producing some of the best Kung Fu movies and actors including Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee.. 13. Such premises usually display stickers showing the credit cards and electronic payments they accept at their entrances or at the cash register. My problem is: Is Hong Kong English can be an example of New Englishes as well? A variety of Chinese-language newspapers are published daily; the most prominent are Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, and Apple Daily. Since the handover, the constitutional framework is provided by the Hong Kong Basic Law, which is a national law of the PRC and has constitutional status in Hong Kong. Hong Kong definition: 1. a region of China with its own government, formed of the island of Hong Kong and other islands…. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. The city is composed of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Ever since Hong Kong became a part of China, the number of people who speak Mandarin has increased because Mandarin is the official language of the PRC. Hong Kong has its own constitution that is different from that of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Children in public schools in Hong Kong attend primary schools for six years, followed by three years of junior secondary education, and another three years of … Obtain at least 5*55 in your electives, 4 in English and Mathematics, and 3 in Chinese and Liberal Studies. Bring swimming gear! There is a similar problem in English-language works that depict Hong Kong. The Standard is Hong Kong's biggest circulation free English daily newspaper. This city of over 7 million was, until 1997, under British control in 1898 the United Kingdom by signing a treaty with China which give them 99-year concession of the island and some surrounding areas. Mosquito repellent and sunglasses are also recommended for extended outdoor activities. The temperature can drop below 10°C in urban areas. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy Hong Kong’s beaches and water sports. Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong. This is far below the rate needed to replace each person, 2.1. There’s generally no need to worry about dress codes unless you are planning to visit up-market restaurants and bars in the city, which normally do not admit flip-flops and shorts. You can find detailed weather updates for tourist attractions on the Hong Kong Weather Information for Tourists website. The rainy season is from May until September. Equivalent in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) A*AA. Hot, humid and sunny, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. It is one of the richest and most highly developed parts of China. English is now part of the regular workday for many employees in Hong Kong. We advise you to check ahead for dress codes required by the establishments you are planning to visit. Walking from Lam Tin MTR station takes only 8 - 10 minutes. The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Some department stores, chain retail shops and restaurants also accept electronic payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay. Your Guide to Services in Hong Kong (English version, twenty-first edition) When it comes to New Englishes, the famous examples are always Singapore or Indian English. Several internatio… Eligible persons are reminded to register as electors in geographical or functional constituencies by May 2. Typhoon season begins in May and ends in November. Temperature and humidity are rising. Bereits im 17. This award is organized and announced by Business Traveler Asia Pacific Magazine. Climate:Hong Kong has a subtro… The economy has rapidly grown from a trading port to a very rich city. Due to the region’s history as a British colony, English has a different status as a language in Hong Kong than it does in most other Asian countries. Cantonese is the mother tongue of the majority of Hong Kong residents, which has distinctively different pronunciation to Mandarin widely spoken in … As mentioned above, English is an official language in Hong Kong. So far, the Commission is of the opinion, as expressed in its fifth annual report on Hong Kong adopted on 5 August 2002 (1 ) that, four and a half years after the hand-over, the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle continues to work reasonably well, and that Hong Kong, in general, has preserved its rule of law, human rights, civil liberties and free and open society. It has an overall density of 6,300 people per square kilometre. Local publications are often politically affiliated, with pro-Beijing or pro-democracy sympathies. One American dollar is equal to about $7.75 in Hong Kong Dollars, at the official bank exchange rate. For extra peace of mind, look for a money exchanger that is accredited by the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme. It is one of the deepest natural seaports in the world. The law of Hong Kong is unique, being a common law system preserved, after the handover to China in 1997, within the civil law system of the People's Republic of China (PRC), under the principle of ‘one country, two systems'. Most of the people in Hong Kong are Chinese. It has won the title of “The Best Business City in the World” for over four years. Many people expect Hong Kongers to be fluent in English due to British colonialism, this is quite frankly wrong. Cool, dry and cloudy, with occasional cold fronts. The central government has a print-media presence in the territory through the state-owned Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po. Hong Kong Weather Information for Tourists website, money exchanger that is accredited by the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme. Hong Kong was a British possession for decades until it rejoined China in 1997. ATMs are widespread and operate 24 hours. Education in Hong Kong is free, and school is compulsory from between ages 6 to 15 (primary and junior secondary schools). What to pack: Pack warm garments such as wool sweaters and coats. Hong Kong (/ˌhɒŋˈkɒŋ/ (listen); Chinese: 香港, Hong Kong Cantonese: [hœ́ːŋ.kɔ̌ːŋ] (listen), literally "Fragrant Port"), officially The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of The People's Republic of China, is one of two Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of the People's Republic of China (the other is Macau). Some even provide foreign currency withdrawal service. Hong Kong, officially The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of The People's Republic of China, is one of two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China. 10 things every visitor must experience in Hong Kong. Hongkong, Abkürzung: HK (chinesisch 香港, Pinyin Xiānggǎng, Jyutping Hoeng 1 gong 2, Yale Hēunggóng, englisch Hong Kong – „Duftender Hafen“, Abk. 8 signal is in place, most businesses and shops close down and flights may be cancelled. Diese wird heute mit Chinese Pidgin English bezeichnet und enthielt neben Substraten aus dem britischen Standard-Englisch und Kantonesischen auch Elemente, insbesondere Vokabular, aus dem indischen Englisch, dem Portugiesischen und Malaiischen. Then head up the four escalators to “Kai Tin Shopping Mall” and you will come out onto On Tin Street. One according to the Western calendar, and the other according to the Chinese calendar. In Hong Kong, there are two new years to celebrate. In general, the quality of English language learning has been declining, both because of the handover from Britain to China and the increasing importance of Mandarin. Geography:Hong Kong is situated on the southern coast of China and its territory consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories, including more than 250 outlying islands. Most hotel bathrooms also have outlets for 100 volts, but if not, you will need a transformer for any appliance or electrical equipment. The government voted against the universal suffrage demanded by the people. Hong Kong is in a tropical area, and has monsoon winds. Leave Lam Tin MTR at Exit A following the signs to “Kai Tin Road”. You should also be offered an observational period of a few days/weeks at the beginning of your placement, as well as continuous professional development during your post. Exchange rates fluctuate daily depending on currency markets. As Hong Kong is located nearly at the centre of the Eurasian Plate, there are sometimes tsunamis and earthquakes. What started out as a short-term contract soon became a more permanent affair. Hong Kong pronunciation of English is also quite pronounced, and it can take a couple of days to adjust to the accents. Copyright © 2020 Hong Kong Tourism Board. The variant is either a learner interlanguage or emergent variant, primarily a result of Hong Kong's British overseas territory history and the influence of native Hong Kong Cantonese speakers. Evenings can be cool. After the handover, Hong Kong became under Chinese control but with a lot of autonomy. “Hong Kong English is quite staccato sounding,” says linguist Jane Setter. China has four (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shenzhen) out of the world's top ten most competitive financial centers, which is more than any country in the 2020 Global Financial Centres Index. Cantonese is the mother tongue of the majority of Hong Kong residents, which has distinctively different pronunciation to Mandarin widely spoken in the Mainland. Obtain at least 555 in your electives, 4 in English and Mathematicss, and 3 in Chinese and Liberal Studies. Children are required to be in school from age 6 until completing secondary school (high school) at age 18. Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong. Much of what is available is written from an outsider’s perspective, often one that feels rather outdated. The Chief Executive's 2020 Policy Address. Mathematics A*. Your well-being and safety is our priority. In summer and early autumn, there is a frequent threat of typhoons. While you’re in Hong Kong, you can also dial 1878 200 and press '3' for English to check the latest situation. Register as an elector by May 2. The only predictable weather events that could have a significant impact on your travel plans are typhoons. Hong Kong Style English a.k.a Konglish.