It is based on the GLUE data-centric bioinformatics environment and provides a browsable database of amino acid replacements and coding region indels that have been observed in sequences from the pandemic. The P-HIPSTer database, comprised of ∼282,000 PPIs, represents a comprehensive catalog of virus-human PPIs that spans the Baltimore classification system and is a major expansion on previously available or reported pathogen-host interactions. The ELM server includes an online tool for the identification of motifs in user input sequences, using context filters (based on structural information, localization, sequence complexity and conservation) to refine results. Find putative drug targets. the tracking of the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluation of containment measures. It will determine First Act. If you wish to start a PhD at the University of Jena you have to register in the portal with your personal data. The pipeline is designed for reproducibility and scalability in order to ensure reliable and fast data analysis of SARS-CoV2 data. the discovery of potential drug targets and development of therapeutic strategies. The ELM resource offers a collection of short linear motifs that mediate interactions crucial in both native cell regulation and pathogenic interference. The ViPR database integrates various types of data for multiple virus families. ,)�t*�;ʖVq����w���p6ʯQ73�c��8k9O>X3̪? Matthias C. Kettemann Predicted proteins encoded by the sequence are validated with nucleotide-to-protein alignments using BLAST. Our team is mostly working online. I look forward to meeting you – online and in person. For the third year Bachelor Biology course “Vom Molekül zu komplexen Gemeinschaften (BB3.Ö13)“ at FSU Jena, PhD student Jennifer Gabriel and research group leader Nicole van Dam, Molecular Interaction Ecology designed a Corona proof “brown bag” practicum. It can be used as a method of reconstructing phylogenies but is also a framework for testing evolutionary hypotheses without conditioning on a single tree topology. In response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, Rfam produced a special release 14.2 that includes 10 new and 4 revised families that can be used to annotate the SARS-CoV-2 and other Coronavirus genomes with RNA families. Thus, the community can assist in associating new or missing publications to relevant UniProt entries. The Master's programme starts in the winter semester 2020. [�{�I�)�$ ʚ3;tA!paTB�>XZL���z��P� ]� ��T�ˀ�Š{���� �6ׂcPYp�C �ǘ���Ys4*8��d�¦��B�֚S�1ơĴ��3`���TCDy�U^@�:�Y�x�ЁZ�����h�ᅌ0�yf���I��v�l���7��t�O��ȌJ�����W��q�i\� "�ʈ_'��DQ�@C�D��sbC���|��Sj�W`ƀC�Z*�E��w̚r�� "Bc‹�.��K��'�(hF�Eޔ���Fk��5����AGg�ӷ!Fiz��ʺ�Ԇ{�k���i�8 �oSS|\�@� �A�i�\�C�nh�D��Ê�\�I=���= 2m|��P������u�ɍ����mp+25�yR*�$?%T�gX�;ɲ>Snʖ&�k�V��o:yY�I�m��l��i+k wo�k���ך@M��5��Si� 0׬n���t��.u��xԥP�szi dr+���e��o2SV�$�&5b�0��b�[��*�^C�3~���h`R��/��� �;�D>��_���+��Y7�C=���;��� �u�mXr���ң�*��h�\�&�$�LݰҶf�c�˱k+譱l��|?�~�dS� Despite the fact that first facilities are re-opening under strict conditionshis, we ask you to learn and to work from home whenever possible and, in your personal behaviour, take into account that great efforts are still needed to contain the corona virus. uni-assist has already taken comprehensive protective measures for the staff in its Berlin office. /� ��lJ�4��s����2�����7���a)h��D�u��s�f�N?�}=��B��t2c}��'@ҟ�@Ճ_/�������h��d��ejΘ��+��!T��;�)a�������7S��̉*-����p��/!�`����к/�fȋ�����/` �+������0��4�.^Ã��`#�k��r4ܣ��ǐ�U/pC��={���� {C��hQ9OL�ˮx>�~�*�+���O!��Q}$��~�����1T)�5Q���/.�0��[���zi��\'��y ��X��C���]w�z.v�޻.x��4،�ӓ~Ķ���!a���A�7��{�I�V�4����7�|j-�j%>��_����9*{odj��ğ�r�Y�M�-�1(d���:���U/���a(���׈u��Үp���%f�w����GO��t�Tثd���àR{�L7�|Ap�j,�d)i ËtV��c2�q�I���q]��d�9�G$y%���Z��A�É�f�p�S�q�'�}��alה�1��C�=���@q/&c��T8�ɑ�G�M/�C�/ͩ��I&��՝������hb�E�R�ތ�!T@��D*�r��\�:��'&�E /�٧�o�K��$ƒ�G�ͣ�M�q�����KO'\3��_����5g�,�dT�[j��y����< �*�y+9�%���Қs�e���s0���0�&(��/����3�M��8�(��:U:OLp�u�lad�q���0g6�M}��˭�q�����v�=|� �/��77�$ PoSeiDon is a pipeline to detect significant positively selected sites and possible recombination events in an alignment of multiple coding sequences. On average the observed changes would be expected to have no or minimal consequence on virus biology. uni-assist has already taken comprehensive protective measures for the staff in its Berlin office. In Thuringia, the first corona cases occurred at the beginning of March, and in mid-March the first infections were also confirmed in Jena. Visit the SARS-CoV-2 data portal in ViPR. 14.3k Followers, 294 Following, 894 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Universität Jena (@unijena) You can find more information at: 3TrophoSYS GmbH, Botzstrasse 5, 07743 Jena. the routine detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection. While the search uses the same sequences as NCBI BLAST, there are several important differences: The search is produced and maintained by the RNAcentral team, repurposing the infrastructure of the RNAcentral sequence similarity search to query betacoronavirus sequences instead of non-coding RNAs. Hier finden Sie wichtige Informationen, die Sie im Zusammenhang mit dem Coronavirus wissen sollten. SARS-CoV-2 release is coming (May, 1st). Please also have a look at our general list of virus bioinformatics tools. In the extracellular space, virions adhere to ACE2 receptors and get internalized through endocytosis. Corona cannot fail but impact our classes, as it has impacted our lives. Vigor4 uses the VIGOR_DB project which currently has databases for the following viruses: Influenza (A & B for human, avian, and swine, and C for human), West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Rotavirus, Enterovirus, Lassa Mammarenavirus. ��%����SIG�{ ��jx���A���l���-���8%�ES�kk`�,�-�$�B�Tm{����L̃��xS�SEV��*e�.�Jlۄ����ֶ�"R\��V�2����1�Z�L��V�I��d��Z�Lʲ]Ȕض�i�9����) Increase of test capacities for suspected corona cases Researchers at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and the University Hospital Jena find an alternative to scarce buffer solutions when testing for the novel corona virus. Beautiful, sweet-smelling, delicious apples. 5Institute for Medical Microbiology, University Hospital Jena, Am Klinikum 1, 07747 Jena. [8r�vJ�b���������/9����b_�R�ͅkcz���׃�/��0M�o}yi���R�ɚ �I6{\�l�H�śčaQ�+M(�ޥ���hR��>q�gu�s�MT( �_��F���jU� E-mail: The Pfam profile hidden Markov model (HMM) library in combination with the HMMER software facilitates rapid search and annotation of coronaviruses and can be used to generate multiple sequence alignments that allow the identification of mutations and clusters of related sequences, particularly useful for outbreak tracking and studying the evolution of Coronaviruses. This also applies to the exams. We are happy to answer your enquiries via our contact form. ViralZone project is handled by the virus program of SwissProt group. It is capable of processing large libraries and is robust against mislabeled or low quality references. Through a review of the most relevant scientific literature, and considering different levels of experimental evidence, over 150 compounds have been identified that are potentially active against COVID-19. Service hours of the hotline: daily 10:00 - 14:00. The information provided is for research only and we cannot guarantee the correctness of the data. Corona macht erfinderisch! Assembled virions are exported to the environment, where they can diffuse and infect other cells. Am Samstag, 9. The European COVID-19 Data Portal was launched by EMBL-EBI in conjunction with the European Commission, the European Open Science Cloud and ELIXIR, as part of the wider European COVID-19 Data Platform. ELM and IUPred2A mutually include each other’s predictions, and both methods utilize the newest data from UniProt and Pfam. � �]{s�F��ۮ�w���Yr�|ʒE�ϖ��[��=)��Km��� ��3R��~���A"H�q��� ������|�7ή���̵�>q��;���j����3�w�k6�pay��9�˥J�;��^��bԆ��4�:貏!_�;��5�uW�T�ݸ�٭���5�R1=���m�E'��S$�LY���/�4eS*~�VK!m�IY)�BW���n�΄�eY!��� F���y�`H���ã�r �-!u�h�m0���b]s�p�kNݮ�����N�)�������|���xw>>��T�vɇ�/���vO��RL�ո#�cW���O�ݩ.��`e��*}�~�.� �sen��M�$W\���O���5�=΄��=[��(�8Z�)�wG�P���hKu��/��B���{�|ڳY�2���wKt�=�ܻ����T|�1��>��w\��]Z Es werden keine Daten im Hintergrund erhoben, jeder Scan-Vorgang ist für den Nutzer vollständig nachvollziehbar. You can search the comprehensive database for sequences & strains, immune epitopes, 3D protein structures, host factor data, antiviral drugs, plasmid data. Physik): Course takes place: Yes: Multimedia support: PDF (lecture slides), Video for the PDF (explanations of slides) Interaction: video conference, Discussion and feedback via discussion boards in Moodle (every week) Powered by WordPress. Repurpose drugs. This is a fast-paced project with the COVID-19 Data Portal featuring relevant … Appropriate PCR primer pairs for DNA metabarcoding would match to a broad evolutionary range of taxa, such that we only need a few to achieve high taxonomic coverage. RNAcentral has launched a new tool to help scientists studying Coronaviruses to search thousands of viral genomes and explore results by virus, host, country, and more. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Dezember 2020 . "doc-in" is the online administration for doctoral procedures at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and accompanies you through the entire PhD phase. information on gene functions from Gene Ontology, Support for facets and keyword searches for exploring results, Explore up to 1,000 top hits (compared to 100 in BLAST), Integration with Rfam to annotate structured RNA elements. BEAST 2 is a cross-platform program for Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of molecular sequences. However, tracking these changes will help us better understand the virus pandemic. Die Seite wird regelmäßig aktualisiert und erweitert. We are happy to answer your enquiries via our contact form. It estimates rooted, time-measured phylogenies using strict or relaxed molecular clock models. This applies initially until the start of the summer semester lecture period on 4 … 4Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Lessingstrasse 8, 07743 Jena. The nationwide survey "Studying in Germany in Corona Times" aims to examine the effects of the crisis on students at German universities and to shed light on the special features, challenges and opportunities of the largely digital summer semester 2020. �:M�l��Μق��D�;];��#�%2�T�t��z$ ��M�l�H�h���F]��*Vwb�C�GܲCE�V�q���e�!����� SD}��ٌ[:/�*F�Л��q�֙Xp�;��p�l�2�����Q/>~j؃�ܒcGIDP�?��u���B.S GISAID data Submitters and Curators ensure real-time data sharing of hCoV-19 remains reliable, to enable rapid progress in the understanding of the new COVID-19 disease and in the research and development of candidate medical countermeasures. The virus is uncoated to explose viral RNA, which synthesizes viral proteins that are assembled into a virion. Hidden Markov models are used to classify sequences by determining the RefSeq they are most similar to, and feature annotation from the RefSeq is mapped based on a nucleotide alignment of the full sequence to a covariance model. We will meet the challenges head-on. PriSeT has been applied to 19 SARS-CoV-2 genomes and computed 114 new primer pairs with the additional constraint that the sequences have no co-occurrences in other taxa. For example, it is possible to search for a fragment of a SARS-CoV-2 genome, select similar sequences identified in COVID-19 patients, and browse sequence variants from different countries. The latest 2020 release of ELM includes updated motif definitions and new instances covering nearly 300 motif classes based on over 3,400 publications. Among them is the ACP auditorium, where main lectures in the M.Sc. P-HIPSTer employs structural information to predict pan viral-human PPIs. Die Browser-basierte Lösun r�F�32� 9W Sites that undergo positive selection can give you insights in the evolutionary history of your sequences, for example showing you important mutation hot spots, accumulated as results of virus-host arms races during evolution. This literature curation effort is now, Complete the online application form providing answers as directed Ensure you add relevant information to the “Application submission” section where you are asked to provide three 100-word paragraphs that cover your: scientific biography work history current research interests Upload a letter of support from your supervisor or a senior colleague, Complete the online application form Ensure you add relevant information to the “application submission” section where you are asked to provide three 100-word paragraphs that cover your: scientific biography work history current research interests Upload a letter of support from your supervisor or a senior colleague detailing reasons why you should be selected, International Virus Bioinformatics Meeting 2020, SARS-CoV-2 genome browser and related resources, Phylogeographic reconstruction using air transportation data.